WAMGROUP – RV VM – Rotary and Pinch Valves

When controlled feeding from or into silos and hoppers in a very confined space is required rotary valves are the ideal solution.

Since 1969 WAMGROUP® has been designing, engineering and manufacturing equipment for bulk solids discharging, conveying, dosing, mixing solids with solids and solids with liquids, for dust filtration, and for solids-liquid separation. This has led to the most comprehensive product range available on the market today and has made WAMGROUP a world leader in the supply of components for dry solids storage, handling and processing plants.

Production is divided into Manufacturing Divisions who pride themselves on great expertise and know-how in such technologies as:
Dust filtration, silo safety, material flow control and vibration, feeding and discharging of powders and granular materials, mechanical and pneumatic conveying of powders and granular materials from horizontal to vertical, mixing, blending, conditioning and granulating, handling and treatment of sludge and other viscous or adhesive materials, as well as solids-liquid separation.


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