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It was in 1983 when through the setting up of MAP the ambition to manufacture single shaft-type mixers from standardized modular components became reality.

Horizontal Single Shaft Mixers

Continuous and Batch-type Horizontal Single Shaft Mixers offered by WAMGROUP’s MAP Division reflect the high quality of solutions originating from profound know-how in process technology, from individual tuning of machine components in compliance with the mixed product, as well as from the selection of specific materials in conjunction with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

Batch-Type Single Shaft Mixers – WBH – High quality mixing acknowledged thousands of times
Continuous Single Shaft Mixers – WAH – Constant mixing quality
Batch-Type Single Shaft Mixers with Bomb-Bay Discharge – WBHP – WBHT – Product discharging in the shortest possible time

The WAM MAP Division specialises in:
Continuous and batch mixers, dust conditioners and granulators, ploughshare mixers, shovel tool mixers, ribbon blenders, twin shaft paddle mixers, conical screw mixers, laboratory mixers, continuous mixers for mortars or plasters, conditioners and granulators for ceramic or foundry dust, propellers for pneumatic conveying systems for dry building materials.

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Horizontal Single Shaft Mixers

Ribbon Blenders

Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers

Dust Conditioners

Laboratory Mixers

Conical Screw Mixers

Mortar Mixers

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