WAMGROUP: CEMA Screw Conveyor CAD Configurator Instructions by WAM Inc.

Lawrenceville (GA), USA – WAM USA, a member of WAMGROUP,  offers an online configurator tool that allows to easily configure and design a CEMA Screw Conveyor. This online tool is based on the company’s understanding of the ever-growing need of engineers and project managers for easy-to-use online tools and, at the same time, readily available 3D models of CEMA screw conveyors.

The online configurator, which uses the latest 3D technology, allows users to accelerate time-to-market (TTM) of their projects by offering an easy-to-use parametric online tool capable of generating “envelopes” of CEMA screw conveyor systems, by easily selecting a few options. The mockups are exact representations of external envelopes of CEMA screw conveyor systems.

Companies have the opportunity to avoid revenue loss by shortening the TTM, while at the same time improving the profitability by directly reducing design costs.

With the 3D Online Configurator, users will be able to have a 3D visualization of the product and interactively set the parameters and change the configurations of the specific equipment for which they need a drawing. They then will be able to visualize it online and, if satisfied with the result, save and send the output via email to their address.

This 3D modeling tool is capable of generating output files in the most common file extensions both 3D and 2D.

The Online Configurator can be found here: http://waminc.com/en-US/WAMUS/screw-conveyor-CAD-configurator-home


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