VAC-U-MAX: Silica Dust Vacuum Cleaning Solutions for the Precast Concrete Industry

Belleville (NJ), United States VAC-U-MAX manufactures industrial vacuum cleaners for high volume recovery of even the finest dusts, utilizing HEPA filtration of pespirable hazardous dusts. This Video provides an Overview of the industrial Vacuum Cleaning Solutions offered by VAC-U-MAX for the Precast Concrete Industry in keeping up with OSHA’s Silica Dust Compliance. 

In addition to providing health and compliance benefits for the Precast Industry, high-powered HEPA vacuums reach concrete form areas that have not been cleaned in ages. Deep-cleaning of forms reveals smooth surfaces that enhance the consumer side of precast products and ensures a tight fit for mating surfaces. Using a HEPA vacuum system also eliminates the “false cleaning” of compressed air blow-off. VAC-U-MAX industrial vacuum cleaning product range includes electric and air-powered, non-electric systems that operate on the Venturi Principal, creating vacuum suction without motors or moving parts – an “Intrinsically Safe System” for applications requiring clean-up of abrasive and dusty cement particles.

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