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Tridelta Siperm GmbH – A Tridelta Group Company

Since 1953 we produce highly porous sintered materials at our site in Dortmund. Our many years of varied experience in the processing of PE (Siperm HP), Stainless Steel (Siperm R) and bronze (Siperm B) to high porous plates, pipes, molded parts and customized welding constructions makes us a competent partner in the search for the best solution for your specific application problem.

Highly porous sintered materials can inter alia be used for the following applications: fluidization and discharge, homogenization, aeration and de-aeration, extraction, compaction of bulk material, volume reduction, cooling and drying, forming, inertisation, filtration, silencing, safety technology, explosion protection and storage of liquids.

Important Links:

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Aeration /hydrophobic aeration

De-aeration / Air extraction

Bulk Material compaction / Volume reduction

Cooling / Drying



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