Tank Connection: 3000 t Cement Storage Silo, Australia

Parsons (KS), United States – This beautifully constructed bolted RTP (Rolled, Tapered Panel) silo, built by Tank Connection in partnership with McMahon Services Australia and Ammermann Partners, stores 3000 metric tons of cement and serves the local Australian market.

The silo measures 86 ft (26.2 m) in height and 47.5 ft (14.5 m) in diameter. It was designed and manufactured to meet both Australian and European standards. The silo was field installed using a synchronized jacking process that allowed crews to remain safely at grade level during construction. The design was specifically tailored to meet the client’s specifications. This included accommodations for several third party equipment assets. The project met considerations for environmental factors as well. This included the close proximity of an endangered animal sanctuary, and nearby residential areas.

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