SWR engineering: Functioning of the FlowJam for contactless Bulk Flow Detection

Schliengen, Germany – SWR engineering‘s FlowJam detects all kinds of bulk solid flows with regard to material movement. The system works contactless by using microwaves.

The FlowJam distinguishes between the following switching conditions:

• material flow
• material jam/standstill resp. empty pipe

The FlowJam is a very reliable device because the use of microwaves guarantees a penetration of material build-up on the sensor, and therewith a proof detection of material flow behind it. Hence it‘s also possible to detect through non-metallic box walls, casings or conduits.

Even at difficult conditions like high process temperatures or pressures the FlowJam can be used by means of a process-adapter.

(published on Youtube on Feb. 6, 2018)

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