STAG SiLex – Mechanical Silo Discharge Aid

The “SiLex” mechanical discharge aid is used with poorly-flowing and not fluidizable bulk materials. It is incorporated into silos, bunkers and containers that may be round or even angular. Due to its low overall height and its simple mode of operation, it can usually be retrofitted to existing silos and containers without the need for major conversion work.


Its mode of operation guarantees an astonishing effect in the avoidance of arching and at the same time a low energy consumption. The system works using an oscillating turning gear that traverses through approx. 70°.  Depending on the application, steel chaines or flat steel sections are attached to the turning gear. The steel cables are attached to the upper edge of the cone. By means of their oscillating movement, these inserts work like blades between the wall of the silo and the bulk material being stored. Thus arching is excluded, since the transmission of force onto the silo’s wall is being continually interrupted.


STAG technologies:
• Pneumatic conveying systems
• Mechanical conveying systems
• Discharge systems for silos and hoppers
• Transhipment systems for bulk materials
• Silos for rail and road transportation
• Processing of bulk materials (crushing and grinding)
• Filling heads for small containers
• Filling heads for vehicle-mounted containers
• Sampling systems for pneumatic conveyors



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