Solex Cooler – Operation & Design

Solex Thermal Science, Inc., until March 31, 2008 known as Bulkflow Technologies, Inc. is internationally recognized as a leading supplier of coolers & heaters for bulk solids. The technology has consistently delivered impressive results in a wide variety of applications. Solex is also backed by an experienced team of people who have been involved in the development & application of the technology around the world.

The Solex heat exchanger operates by combining the principles of mass flow of bulk solids with conventional heat exchanger technology. Simply put, it is a heat exchanger for heating or cooling bulk solids.

The equipment consists of a number of vertical, closely spaced, hollow stainless steel plates. Bulk solids or powders pass slowly downward between the plates as heat transfer fluid flows through the interior of the plates to heat or cool the material by conduction.

Bulk solids are typically a poor conductor of heat, so a long residence time is needed to achieve the required heating or cooling. The vertical configuration of the equipment provides for a large heat transfer area in a compact unit, resulting in a very efficient design. Unlike rotary drums or fluid bed coolers where air is in direct contact with the product, this indirect method of heat transfer eliminates emissions and the need for costly air handling equipment. The slow movement through the heat exchanger eliminates particle degradation and results in a more uniform temperature distribution

Mass flow design ensures uniform heat transferMass flow is a critical element in the successful design of the Bulkflow Heat Exchanger. To achieve uniform heat transfer, the bulk solids should be moving with uniform velocity over the full cross section of the unit. A specially designed discharge feeder is mounted at the bottom of the equipment to control the product feed-rate and create mass flow though the heat exchanger.

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