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The SMB Group is one of the leading suppliers in the field of Material Handling.
With approx. 100 employees, we are focused on Planning, Design and Production as well as worldwide Sales and Service of reliable Level Measurement Technology and Fully Automatic Systems in an even more complex manner.

Level Measurement Solutions
with additional certification for dust explosion proof ATEX zones 20, 21, 22. Also for combined dust and gas explosion proof zone 1 and 2

Rotating Paddle MBA200, MBA 800, MBA20, MBA2.2, MBA3.2
Rotating paddle with integrated supplementary function of grinding repose angles MBA808
Membrane switch MBA100
Vibration paddle MBA700
Sensing weight MBA369
Radar MBA300, MBA 400
Fluidisation pads SILOFLO
Jet A-1 Conductivity sensor for light oil products (Kerosene) MLA900
Jet A-1 Continuous Conductivity sensor for light oil products (Kerosene) MLA1000

Filling, transport and storage of any kind of material with our sister company SMB International GmbH:
Filling systems for Big Bags, Oktabins, Hobbocks and containers
Transport systems: roller, chain or belt conveyors
Palletizing systems for bags, crates, drums, cartons and cans
Ship loading systems, reclaimer
Compact storage systems with TruckShuttle for all sizes of pallets


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