Schenck Process Weighing & Feeding Capabilities

The  Schenck Process Group  is a global market leader
• in industrial weighing and feeding technology
• screening and separation systems for bulk materials
• dust collection and air filtration technology
• pneumatic and mechanical conveying solutions
• automation and diagnostic technology

Schenck Process is one of the world market leaders in applied measuring and process technology. Our employees around the globe are developing innovative solutions used in the cement, steel, chemicals, plastics, food, pharmaceuticals, mining, coal-fired power plant, transport and automation sectors to name but a few.

The product range stretches from feeders for small volumes used in the pharmaceutical industry processing 20 grams per hour up to wagon loading systems with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes of coal per hour, and from highly sensitive weighing and feeding electronics to huge screening machines with30 tonnes of weight. Furthermore, Schenck Process  delivers state-of-the-art software solutions.



Corporate Profile  (in English)

Corporate Profile  (in German)

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