SCHADE Lagertechnik / Aumund Foerdertechnik: Circular Storage

Circular Stockyards

Storages which are set up in tight spaces yet need to handle high capacities are increasingly conceived as circular storage. SCHADE has helped drive forward developments in this very field and can demonstrate excellent references worldwide.

  • Stockyard feeding usually by slewable stacker
  • Storage according to the cone forming process
  • Reclaiming on the inner slope of the stockpile with a circular scraper, which can be configured as side, semi-portal or portal scraper
  • Scraper with double-strand chain and wear-protected buckets
  • Central discharge via a chute
  • Simultaneous, entirely independent storage and reclaim for optimum flexible storage capacity
  • Storage diameter more than 120 m
  • Storage capacity more than 180,000 t
  • Storage capacity more than 4,000 t/h
  • Reclaim capacity more than 2,000 t/h


SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH features among the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for bulk material stockyards and blending bed technology for all important sectors. As a member of the AUMUND Group with its affiliates and subsidiaries in England, France, Poland, Switzerland, Brazil, China, Hong Kong and the USA, SCHADE profits from a global network in conjunction with a wide product range and comprehensive specialist knowledge.


SCHADE supplies products and services via the customer-oriented specialists in the AUMUND Group and through the support of the subsidiaries worldwide. The outstanding characteristics of the company with regard to innovation, sustainability, stamina combined with the competent, dedicated personnel who contribute to the joint success, ensure that SCHADE continues to maintain its position worldwide as a leading supplier of equipment for bulk material stockyards and blending beds.


About the AUMUND Group
The AUMUND Group is active worldwide. The conveying and storage specialists have special expertise at their disposal when dealing with bulk materials. With their high degree of individuality, both its technically sophisticated as well as innovative products have contributed to the AUMUND Group today being a market leader in many areas of conveying and storage technology. The product companies AUMUND Foerdertechnik GmbH (Rheinberg, Germany), SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH (Herne, Germany), B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd. (Ely, UK) as well as AUMUND Logistic GmbH (Rheinberg, Germany) are consolidated under the umbrella of the AUMUND Group. In conjunction with the headquarters of the product companies, the global conveying and storage technology business is spearheaded by locations in Asia, Europe, North and South America.


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