REMBE Explosion Safety – Q-Box and TARGO-VENT


Operators of industrial facilities who work with combustible Solids need to manage the risks of potential dust explosions.

Typically plant components which are at risk are protected by Explosion Vents. These pressure relief devices relieve a certain area before the vessel is damaged by the explosion.

As well as the pressure, flames and burnt Dust are also released.

There is not always enough space outside to release the explosion. In this case we recommend the use of the REMBE TargoVent. The pressure wave and the flame front are targeted in one direction, so that the space in front of the Explosion Vent can be put to better use.

In the event that the plant components, which need to be protected are located inside the building, conventional Explosion Vents are no longer enough.


To prevent secondary explosions inside the building, we recommend the use of REMBE Q-Boxes. The REMBE Q-Box extracts the energy of the explosion and extinguishes it in Milliseconds. Accurately specified and correctly installed the Q-Boxes absorb both the pressure and the flames and also prevent unnecessary consequential costs, like shut downs or maintenance.

This is integrated explosion protection made by REMBE!

(Published by YouTube on Nov. 26, 2015)

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