REMBE: Demonstration of the Q-Rohr-3 Flameless Venting System

Dr.-Ing Johannes Lottermann, Head of Projects and Expansion Department, REMBE® GmbH, demonstrates the Q-Rohr-3 Flameless Venting System with a live explosion at the PBS 2014 in Chicago.

Johannes has spent most of his life studying, researching and developing new concepts and approaches to combustible dust explosion protection. In addition to his doctoral thesis, “Approaches to Integrated Fire and Explosion Safety…”, Johannes has worked for notified bodies charged with certifying compliance with ATEX certifying requirements in Europe, governmental regulatory bodies equivalent to OSHA, standards associations equivalent to NFPA, as well as conducting risk analyses in manufacturing facilities.



REMBE at the PBS 2014 in Chicago

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REMBE is a “bulk-online Leader”

REMBE is a "bulk-online Leader"

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