Powder Technic Ltd.: Ingredient Dosing System for Bakeries

Fully automatic dosing of flour, sugar, salt, micro ingredients, oil, syrup and recipe-controlled automation system by the Finnish company  POWDER TECHNIC Ltd.  (Jauhetekniikka Oy).
(Published on YouTube on  August 11, 2015)

Automatic ingredient dosing equipment and systems for bakeries

We have revolutionized dough production in the Finnish bakery industry by replacing equipment previously used by our customers (e.g. 2E, HB-Technik, Hefele with our micro ingredient dosing units, water mixers, sourdough systems and recipe dosing automation, whose reliability and user-friendliness have made them the industry standard in Finland. Our Finnish market share with industrial bakeries is approximately 90. Due to the small size of our domestic market area, we have expanded our operations into Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Baltic countries and Russia. About 30 of our turnover comes from exports.

Process industry quality level at affordable price.

Thanks to our equipments module structure, use of standardized machine components and our companys low fixed costs,we can offer high-quality process industry level equipment at remarkably lower price than our competitors. We sell our systems directly to you, so our prices have not been marked-up by middlemen.

Customised ingredient dosing solution for your bakery

One major factor to our success is the use of bakerys existing equipment as a part of the new dosing system. We can easily take your existing silos into the new automation systems control and include them to the recipe controlled dosing system. Because of the clever module structure of our dosing system, you can start with a small initial investment and increase the automation level later.


We provide our customers with a wide range of products for the automation of production processes and improvement of end product quality, including key technologies for product storage and conveyance, the weighing and dosing of powders and fluids, screening and dust control. One of our strongest areas of expertise includes applications required for the precise dosing and weighing of powders as well as recipe-guided dosing systems, where we are one of the leading developers in Finland.

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