pewag Bucket Elevator System

Here is pewag`s newest video with a presentation of our bucket elevator system to elevate a wide range of bulk materials.
(Published on YouTube on April 15, 2016)

BDD-S – System
Back mounted buckets / Side mounted buckets

Chain system for high capacity bucket elevators or bucket elevators with gravity discharge to elevate a wide range of bulk material, highly wear resistant, long round steel chains connected with chain couplings form an endless chain loop – no weak points because of open chain links; high chain speeds result in max. capacities with high duty buckets; BDDS attachment runs over toothed drive sprockets with replaceable and adjustable  individual teeth and un-toothed chain rolls, bucket attachment over 2-chain link pitches ensure optimised bucket support; individual mounting of chain and buckets; variable bucket distance; easy mounting and demounting of the bucket attachment BDD-S.

RHV Drive sprockets
Sprockets for use with HV and DSZ-round steel chains with replaceable and adjustable individual teeth, made from MnCr alloyed steel, case hardened – highly wear resistant. Sprockets are welded steel fabrications, any number of teeth or hub design is available.

Keyways are machined in the hubs of matched wheels to ensure precise alignment of the teeth. Hub design, bore diameter and key
size can be specified by the customer. Shimplates can be fitted to adapt the pitch circle dia. of the sprocket to a chain lengthened due
to wear in the interlink points of contact. This ensures continued smooth running of the chain over the sprocket and the maximum use
of the case hardened layer in the chain. Shimplates and new teeth can be mounted without disassembly the chain.


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