Pelletron Corporation – RC1DeDuster®

The RC1DeDuster® is designed for pellet cleaning on injection molding machines, extruders or stand alone.

Der RC1DeDuster® ist für die Reinigung von Granulat auf Spritzgußmaschinen, Extrudern oder als Einzelmaschine geeignet.

The standard DeDuster® systems have discharge capacities ranging from a few lbs/h (kg/h) up to 200,000 lbs/h (100 tons/h). For applications that require higher capacities, Pelletron has built custom models capable of processing several hundred tons per hour. For installations with inclined silo outlet pipes, the OS-DeDuster® (OffSet) was developed. For narrow packaging lines, the DO-DeDuster® (single inlet and Dual Outlet) was designed. Pelletron also provides wash down DeDuster® systems designed for cleaning with water between product changes. Pelletron continues to respond to customer requests for unique applications.



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