OCC – Overland Conveyor with Horizontal Curves

An overland belt conveyor designed by Overland Conveyor Company, Inc., Lakewood, CO, USA and commissioned in 2006 carries 1000 tons per hour of aggregate down the mountain and carries 400 tons per hour of refuse back up to be disposed in the pit.

Overland Conveyor Co. ( OCC ) is an association of belt conveyor professionals dedicated to excellence in belt conveyor design, engineering, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting using an integrated systems approach.

OCC has established long-term relationships with mining companies who rely on belt conveyors to transport bulk materials. Services provided include operations driven, system integration of conveyor components through advanced system modeling and simulation, performance monitoring and preventive maintenance.

OCC has also established several strategic alliances with component manufacturers and service providers who rely on belt conveyor users for the majority of their sales or service. These companies represent industry leaders who are looking for ways to add value to their components through strong technically superior service.


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