Eriez® HydroFlow® Discusses Fluid Recycling Return on Investment

Ron Wendt, Eriez HydroFlow Product Manager discusses discusses how investing in a fluid recycling program pays off through reduced costs, liability and environmental impact, improved workplace safety and better employee health.

Wendt describes the economic advantages of recycling waste coolant. “If you’re not recycling, you’re paying to haul the waste away and refill with brand new coolant. You can save 40 to 60 percent of concentrate by recycling and cut your disposal costs down.”

There is also a legal responsibility that comes with fluid disposal. Wendt advises viewers that the generator of the waste has “cradle to grave” accountability, even if they use a certified disposal company. Therefore, the company that produced the waste can be fined and charged with clean-up costs if disposal is not handled properly.



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