Muller Beltex Corporate Video

In this movie we give you a sneak preview behind the scenes of Muller Beltex BV.

Solid partners for powder & bulk handling components Your service and knowledge supplier of reliable components for the bulk
handling and process industry

Downtime frequently causes stress as well as high cost. By acting
rationally, quickly and adequately in such situations, we make decisions based on the correct information. As a result, we not only supply spare components, but also ensure the reliability and safety of your equipment. A budget component might well be appealing, however it does increase the risk of breakdown, downtime or premature replacement. Then consequential cost could be higher than those of high-quality components.
A high-quality component lasts longer which in turn results in cost
reduction due to fewer breakdowns, downtime and replacements.
When most of your budget is spent on the replacement of components, little is left for other matters like planning and maintenance. By monitoring the whole process, increasing the service life and time between maintenance stops, and by planning
maintenance professionally, we notonly unburden you, we often ensure there is a capacity increase or cost reduction too. A plant that is mechanically in order optimizes continuity. This is achieved by our integral total advice. The result is a custom-made solution which enables you to get the best out of your production.
Muller Beltex  knows the industry and understands better than anyone else what its customers need.



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