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motan-colortronic is a medium-sized corporation, active on the global stage, which is mindful of its role as responsible partner in a network of employees , customers and suppliers.

Our strategy is to align our responsiveness to the needs of our customers and the developments in the market.

Our decentralized structure allows us two things:
1) to provide high-value solutions through our competence and service, and
2) to be as close to our customer as possible.

motan-colortronic is a leading global manufacturer of peripheral units and systems for the handling of bulk solids.

Our offering is based on in-depth expertise spanning the entire process chain. We develop solutions for plastics compounders, for processors and for the chemical industry. And our systems are tailored to real-world applications, helping to improve efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage for our customers.

Our global organisation has a decentralised structure, which means we are always exactly where you need us: close at hand. What’s more, you benefit from systems engineered to meet your specific needs.

We go far beyond conventional materials handling solutions. Why not find out what motan-colortronic can do for your process?

We help you optimise your process, from storage, to drying, to conveying, to dosing and ­mixing – and all in conjunction with an intelligent control network. From our comprehensive product portfolio, we offer solutions geared to your real-world applications. Through the experience we have gained in the plastics compounding and processing industries we are in the unique position to be able to offer solutions that span from one market segment into another, for example injection moulding, compounding or other in-line applications. This knowledge and expertise opens up new opportunities to add value for our customers. Whatever your needs, you can expect a reliable, cost-effective solution – and long-term peace of mind.


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