motan-colortronic: Dosing and Mixing of Plastics Materials

Background informations and details of dosing and mixing of palstic materials like for example granulates, powder or flakes.
(Published YouTube on November 16, 2016)


Dosing and Mixing

Compounded material is expensive but guarantees good results. To be profitable, blending needs to be done in-house. Accuracy and consistency of the blend are the key factors in determining product quality.

motan offers equipment for gravimetric or volumetric blending. Benefits for gravimetric users include:

  • Full range of units for many different market sectors
  • Units can be installed on fast cycling injection moulding machines with no loss of accuracy – immune to vibration
  • Intelligent controls on all units with full interface capabilities
  • No time consuming and complicated calibration required
  • Proof of amount and selection of material used – essential to many operations to guarantee accuracy and eliminate risk of mistakes
  • Easy to clean and maintain with fast material changes
  • Recipe storage

For those for whom volumetric blending is the logical process, motan provides these principal benefits:

  • Wide choice of units
  • Consistent and cost-effective dosing by gravity mixing
  • Greater accuracy with inclined dosing screws
  • Low material costs with masterbatch dosing – buy colour concentrates and base material at optimum price per tonne
  • Easy materials management and smaller materials store

Achieve total blending accuracy and consistency.

Sie finden die deutsche Fassung dieses Videos hier:

mo’s corner TV Folge 3: Dosieren und Mischen von Kunststoffen



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