Martin Engineering: Total Solution to Dust Control

Martin Engineering  has always offered you smart solutions in dust management. Now we’ve added a fully automated, customizable surfactant system to cover all the bases. Trust Martin for all your dust control needs. We are with you every step of the way.

Established in 1944, Martin Engineering  is the leading international developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovations to make the handling of bulk materials cleaner, safer and more productive. Martin offers technologies that boost flow, reduce dust and spillage, extend component life and reduce downtime, resulting in improved operating environments and increased profitability.

Our Global Team of experts from every part of the world, work together to produce and manufacture high quality products that deserve the Martin seal of approval. Our service technicians average 27 years of experience in bulk material handling. Our product engineers and development teams work side by side with our sales and service leaders to share innovative ideas within our corporate community around the globe and to help facilitate the development of new products that make bulk material handling cleaner, safer and more productive worldwide. This experience and expertise made Martin Engineering  the leader in bulk material handling solutions.

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