Martin Engineering: Cleanscrape® Cleaner – Bed Ash from a Coal-fired Power Plant

CleanScrape® Cleaners
Installed at an angle across the discharge pulley, the revolutionary CleanScrape Belt Cleaner by Martin Engineering requires minimal space for installation. Because the CleanScrape Belt Cleaner is equipped with tungsten carbide tips and applies minimal pressure to the belt, it’s safe for use on mechanical splices, making it the most versatile belt cleaner on the market.
(Published on YouTube on September 23, 2016)

Increased Productivity
  • Keep belts cleaner than other types of cleaners
  • Catch fugitive material and return it to the flow stream
  • Lasts up to four times as long as traditional belt cleaning systems
Safer Operation
  • Needs minimal ongoing maintenance or tension adjusting
  • Installs easily in cramped spaces that are hazardous to squeeze into
  • Keeps material in the flow stream and off of floors and equipment
 More Profit
  • Less fugitive material means more throughput and more profit
  • Eliminate unnecessary downtime for maintenance and cleanup
  • Saves money because it has a lower cost of ownership

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