Martin Engineering: CLEANSCRAPE Belt Cleaner

Installed at an angle across the discharge pulley, the CleanScrape Cleaner by Martin Engineering requires very little space for installation. Mounted in the primary position, the cleaner is equipped with tungsten carbide tips that can be used on mechanical splices, making the CleanScrape Cleaner one of the most versatile belt cleaners on the market.

• Lasts up to four times as long as traditional cleaner systems.
• Easy to install with little ongoing maintenance needed, requiring only one tensioner adjustment ever.
• Lowest blade-to-belt pressure of any cleaner on the market.
• Safe for use on even mechanically spliced belts, unlike other tungsten-tipped primary cleaners.
• Requires very little space for installation.
• Works well with dry, wet or sticky materials, making it perfectly suited for aggregate, limestone, cement or coal.


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