Gebr. Lödige (Loedige) Coater Typ LC

With the LC series of coaters, Gebr. Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH (Loedige) offers a highly efficient solution specifically for coating tasks in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to sophisticated process technology, the LC series of coaters works up to 40% faster than conventional devices. Now Lödige is also moving up a gear in small-scale production: the newly-developed lab model LC Lab is a highly efficient addition to the series for micro-batches.

The new model is of modular design, enabling it to be assembled according to specific requirements. Batch sizes are variable due to a divisible drum. Furthermore, the machine features an FDA-compliant body material with new functionality. The nozzle arm of the laboratory model was developed together with Düsen-Schlick. As with the proven models of the LC series, the innovative concept permits perfect adjustment of the nozzle position to the tablet bed. This produces optimum results with short process times.

In addition, the lab model has the features common to all models of the LC series: the air unit used ensures a problem-free and reliable process. This is made possible by a fully perforated drum with a free surface of more than 40% that enables an extremely high air throughput. In addition, efficient mixing elements permit uniform and gentle, thorough mixing of tablets even at variable filling levels of 30 to 100%. The high degree of consistency of the coatings required by the pharmaceutical industry can thus be achieved. Following spraying and mixing, the drying process is also designed for a high degree of efficiency: the drying airflow is aimed at the tablet bed to ensure fast drying of the moist surfaces. With the LC coater series quality and efficiency go hand-in-hand with convenient feeding, emptying and maintenance. High-containment solutions and highly efficient cleaning systems are likewise available. Full regard was paid to the current GMP Directives for the entire series.

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