Lödige: LC Lab Laboratory Coater engineered for Galenical Development in Pharmceutical Companies

Paderborn, Germany – The Lödige laboratory coater – LC Lab – was engineered for galenical development in pharmceutical companies. The lab coater  is exceptionally quick and designed as a modular system that can be customized to suit customer requirements.

The LC Lab model complements the LC coater series, which has been specially developed for coating tasks in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The focus during the design of the LC Lab was on laboratory requirements. The innovative features include, among other things, an FDA-compliant housing material, which is used for this type of machine for the first time, a separable drum and a mobile control panel that makes it easy to read out the data. The nozzle arm, which has been equipped with newly developed nozzles, completes the new development.

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