KREISEL Conveying System

In cooperation with a world-leading cement manufacturer KREISEL Engineering developed in the last few months a modular pneumatic conveying system in form of shipping containers for storage, dosing and feeding of secondary fuels like saw dust, rice husks, sunflower grinded husks or coffee husks.

The advantages from a system like this is to save assembly and commissioning time on site. The high costs for the installation on the plant is reduced to a minimum.

The system starts at the tube chain conveyor inlet and ends at the connection of the burner feeding conveying pipe. KREISEL delivers the whole equipment, like tube chain conveyor, dosing belt weigher, rotary feeder, level indicators, frequency converter, silo and blower complete installed inside of a standard container frame. The KREISEL control system bases on Siemens S7-300.

The KREISEL system consists of two container modules. One serves as a silo for the dust. The other contains the dosing and conveying system. The material is elevated by a tube chain conveyor into the silo. A rotating screw discharges the secondary fuel into the belt weighing system. The accuracy of the weighing system is +/- 1%.



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  1. This is a great system. If you need a higher accurate(space saving) weighing system, silo cleaning , silo weighing , level measurement, please contact us.
    Best regards,
    Naud Luijerink

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