Kinder Australia: K-Dynamic Impact Idler

Braeside (VIC), Australia The video presents the K-Dynamic Impact Idler, ideally suited for heavy duty applications, particularly within mining environments and for high capacity conveyors, with no limit on belt speed, belt width, lump size, TPH or drop height. Kinder Australia technical engineers can custom design and manufacture heavy duty frames to suit specific materials handling applications.

The K-Dynamic Impact Idler consists of a 5-roller configuration, this feature is designed to offer optimal, uniform cross-section, whilst maximising the overall loading capacity for the same belt width and belt speed. K-Dynamic Impact Idlers are suspended above blue rubber anti vibration / spring element mounts, providing maximum cushioning and absorption of the conveyed materials impact.

For maintenance purposes, the idler frame system also features an additional jack down/lowering access facility. This allows rollers to be easily and efficiently replaced within the high impact loading points.

Key Features
  • Rubber anti vibration / spring element mounts.
  • Sway bar suspension utilises polyurethane bushes for optimum stability, whilst enabling the idler to move up and down when impacted.
  •  Standard 5 roller twin idler shown, also available in any trough angle and roller qty/configuration.
Key Benefits
  • Increases conveyor belt life.
  • Idler frame can be jacked down for maintenance purposes and roller replacement.
  • Increases conveyor roller and bearing life.
  • Reduces maintenance and total cost of ownership. 

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