Key Technology Company Introduction

Key Technology, founded in 1948, is the trusted partner to over 3,100 customers in 81 countries, providing process automation systems for the food processing and other non-food processing industries.

Key Technology develops and manufactures automated digital sorting systems and integrates them with our advanced material handling technologies to provide complete solutions for processors of food and other processed products. Our digital sorting solutions utilize a wide array of sensor technologies, including multi-spectral lasers, color and infrared cameras, and hyperspectral technology.  Sensor data is analyzed through specialized processing applications, leveraging our proprietary software and algorithms. This data is used to intelligently identify and remove defects and foreign materials, and manage product characteristics to maximize customer product quality and increase their process yields.

A publicly-held company, Key’s stock trades on The NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol KTEC. Key is also an ISO-9001 certified company.
(Published on YouTube on December 15, 2015)

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