Keller Lufttechnik: ProVent – Safety in Case of Dust Explosions

ProVent ensures a flameless pressure relief in case of dust explosions in a dry separator.

Exhaust systems with dry separators are suitable for the separation of fine dust in many application areas. Almost all types of dust can be easily extracted with dry separators. In the metal processing industry, as well as in plastics processing, the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals or industrial ceramics, gravel and stone works. Dry separators are even utilized for extracting wet paint overspray.

Many European and national guidelines must be adhered to when operating industrial systems. Dusts, for example, must be collected thoroughly and discharged safely according to GefStoffV (Ordinance on Hazardous Substances). The cleaned air should be vented in such a way that as little dust as possible remains in the work environment.

Keller Lufttechnik is a worldwide technology company specializing in the capturing and separating of a variety of air pollutants as well as in the reduction of emissions in industrial applications. Our wide range of services includes air pollution control systems, filtration systems, dedusting systems and the appropriate suction technology for almost all solutions: dry separators, wet separators, oil mist separators, emulsion mist separators, work booths. Filters and filter elements from a variety of materials are being used.









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