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Jim Way Primary Belt Cleaner: C1UD (Patented Product)

The interface of two colors, which is a wear line, obviously indicates when the blade should be replaced. In addition, with the arc-shaped back side, the blades remove carryback effectively and without any residue to maintain the good scraping performance. The blade-to-belt pressure should is checked on the inspection window of tensioner.


Jim Way Belt Cleaner Blades with rubber torsion arm mounting

Special for the belt, which has mechanical fasteners and/or repair patches. Ensure even blade pressure by constantly contacting across the belt surface.


Jim Way Primary Belt Cleaner: C1UD (Patented Product)

The innovation of PRUS belt cleaner is putting RTAM into PU blade to achieve multiple functions, such as tensioning, bearing, spring, and damping. The unique RTAM blade design combines simple structure, easy installation, quick maintenance and effective cleaning results with a great price that you can afford.


Since its establishment in 1982 and meet the ISO certification in 1998, Jim Way is a manufacturer and supplier of belt conveyor components. Using less money to supply the best performance is what we served. To assure the high quality of Taiwan-made products to our customers, we focus on quality control and help users solve their conveyor problems to achieve cost reduction, such as maintenance cost, label cost, downtime cost, and replacement cost, etc.


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