IIT Ltd.: A new force in powder milling and comminution

International Innovative Technologies (IIT Ltd) latest vertical mill product range and specification for fine powder grinding and classification. m-series mills, c-series classifiers and s-series cyclones range ideal for all comminution and classification requirements, able to grind hard abrasives up to 9.5 on Mohs scale. The atex compliant solution.
(Published on YouTube on April 19, 2013)

IIT Ltd manufacture a range of high quality, high output mills with a dynamic, modular design, cost effective to install and easy to operate. IIT also manufacture a range of dynamic classifiers, cyclones and complete bespoke processing systems.

Powder Milling has come a long way in a very short time thanks to the groundbreaking technologies and innovative expertise of the team at IIT Ltd and their partners.

Advances made by IIT with the m-series mill and milling process innovation have ensured that the future of powder milling technology has moved radically away from traditional mills to compact sized, high output, modular units that are both economical to build into existing processes and highly versatile for a range of industries.


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