H&G Screw Compactor

H&G-Screw Compactors produced by H&G Entsorgungssysteme GmbH are in use wherever the rising flood of waste and reuseable materials needs to be effectively controlled: at leading international discount stores, waste disposal companies, customers from business and industry.

The principle is to reduce vast amounts of waste to a minimum of their original volume so efficiently that they can be disposed of quickly, economically and with a minimum of manpower.

For most customers, disposal of waste and reusable materials is not their core business. It does, however, have great cost-cutting potential, provided the correct compaction equipment is used – H&G Screw Compactors.

So, why should you choose a Screw Compactor from H&G when there are other systems and manufacturers?

Because you want the special benefits a sound family enterprise can offer:

  • high levels of expertise that have evolved with the company.
  • Synergies that determine price and quality.

And the fact that we manufacture all our components ourselves at our own works in Germany. This gives us the required flexibility when it comes to designing customized solutions. All good reasons for choosing the appropriate Screw Compactor from H&G.


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