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HENNLICH – We are unique in variable technical solutions, we are ready to things together, find solutions and take our responsibility. The quality of our work is important for our customers and also for colleagues. Our production is focussed on and adapted to the client’s expectations.

HENNLICH ENGINEERING is an engineering and manufacturing division that deals with bulk material transportation and storing.

Our main product line is [b]loading spouts for dust-free loading of bulk solids[/b] in places where loose mass is handled and dust tends to disperse into the air. Dust pollutes the environment, is unhygienic and has a negative effect on the safety of all operations. During loading of bulk solids huge losses of material can occur. Those and other problems can be solved by using our loading spouts.

HENNLICH ENGINEERING also manufactures filter units that are used for dust suppression in plants and silo storage.

Our line of fog cannons can be used for dust suppression on open piles of bulk solids or on haul roads.




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HENNLICH s.r.o., HENNLICH ENGINEERING Videos on bulk-online

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