Hecht Technologie Containment Drum Discharge Station CFE-K

The containment drum discharge station with tipping decive type CFE-K from HECHT is used for low-contamination discharging of drums with inner liner up to OEB 5.

To ensure operator and product protection, the powder delivered in drums is additionally packed in a film also referred to as liner.

The product must be packed in at least one liner. If the drum discharge station is equipped with a tipping device, the drum can lifted via a special lifting device at the back of the glove box and docked to the connection port provided. In the initial position, the glove box is closed by a shower cap.

The operator fixes the outer liner at the double O-ring-port of the isolator over the shower cap.

Afterwards, the operator pulls the shower cap into the isolator using the gloves. Then he pulls the clamping ring to the outer groove of the isolator where the shower cap was before, and pushes the drum opening into the isolator. Using the gloves, he opens the inner liner inside the isolator and empties the contents. The bulk material is then taken to the next process step by means of gravity.

As an alternative, if desired, a suction shoe can be integrated at the outlet of the glove box for connection to a downstream vacuum conveying system.

After the content has been emptied, the liner is closed twice towards the drum and the isolator. This double-closure technology ensures protection of both the isolator and the product against unwanted product escape (or product entry as well).

The cycle can then start again, and a new drum can be connected.


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