HammerTek Smart Elbow Overview

How does the Smart Elbow work? This video demonstrates how your product is gently deflected into a direction change without impact to elbow or pipe walls. The Smart Elbow’s unique deflection zone eliminates problems such as elbow wear, product degradation, streamer formation, fines, friction, noise, turbulence, etc….

Companies who incorporate the Smart Elbow into their current conveying systems and into new installations can expect to save money, time, and product as plant downtime is reduced, lost or damaged product is eliminated, and conveying lines operate more efficiently.

If you are tired of elbow failure, lost or damaged product, high cost shutdowns, & maintenance headaches, it’s time to upgrade your conveying system with our Smart Elbow. The Smart Elbow has been specially designed for your conveying needs. By creating a deflection zone, the Smart Elbow virtually eliminates elbow wear, product degradation, plugging, surging, cross contamination, noise, & turbulence. Its unique design saves space, time, & unnecessary costs. Visit our site to learn how the Smart Elbow is revolutionizing conveying systems.

Conveying plastics can present very specific complications if you aren’t using the right elbow. Other elbows can cause streamers due to friction and heat, as well as fines due to the impact of the turn. The Smart Elbow is the only elbow with a true deflection zone which eliminates harsh points of impact & reduces friction.




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