HammerTek: Smart Elbow Deflection Elbow prevents Breakage

Bethlehem (PA), United States When using conventional sweep elbows in pneumatic conveying systems, friable material impacting the elbow wall at high speed causes breakage and fines. With the HammerTek® SMART ELBOW® Deflection Elbow, deflection of friable material around the bend prevents impact, breakage and fines.

Unlike conventional “impact” elbows and “plugged-tee” elbows that rely on material impact to change direction, HammerTek’s Smart Elbow® design employs a spherical chamber that protrudes partially beyond the desired 90° or 45° pathway, causing a ball of material suspended in air to rotate. Since the ball of material rotates in the same direction as the airstream that powers it, incoming material is cushioned by the ball’s rotation, and is gently deflected around the bend.

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