Geroldinger: OSZILLOMAT – the effective and efficient discharging system

The Geroldinger OSZILLOMAT system consists of a controllable, oscillating beam discharger, whereby mass-flow (all particles in motion) is triggered. Due to the oscillating movements of the beams in combination with a sophisticated control system even the difficult material, even in small quantities from a few kilograms, can be gently loosened and precisely metered.

OSZILLOMAT consists of the engineering of the correct silo geometry for mass flow, a mechanical beam floor and a sophisticated control system. Since neither bridges, ratholing still occur in the area of ​​the beam floor, it comes to safe, scheduled discharge from the silo / tank. OSZILLOMAT is a safe solution, with which even the most complex bulk solids can be loosened and discharged gently. An optimal and accurate bulk removal from buffers in the correct amount and structure ensures highly efficient processes and your business success.


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