Flexco PT Smart™ Belt Trainer

Flexco introduces the PT Smart™ Belt Trainer for “medium-duty” tensioned belts. You can find the rest of our belt training selection, including a standard and heavy-duty trainer here.
(Published on YouTube on April 8, 2015)

FLEXCO Europe GmbH, headquartered in Rosenfeld, Germany is a leading international provider of mechanical conveyor belt fastening systems, innovative belt cleaners, belt positioners, impact beds and pulley lagging for light- and heavy-duty applications. These products are used in widely different industries – mining, steel, wood and food processing, package and luggage transport, assembly, laundries, warehouses, cash registers, and agricultural equipment. The innovative products increase system service life and reduce maintenance costs. With Flexco´s competent consultation and support, users always operate their systems at high level of productivity.

Flexible Steel Lacing Company (FLEXCO), headquartered in Downers Grove in Illinois, USA, is the parent company of FLEXCO Europe GmbH. There are additional subsidiaries in Australia, Chile, China, Great Britain, India, Mexico, Singapore and South Africa. In 1907, FLEXCO was already optimizing conveyor systems using heavy-duty belt conveyors like those used in the coal or steel industries. Over the years the company gained a great deal of know-how and developed a more extensive line of accessories, which was continually improved. Accessories include belt cleaners and plows which keep bulk material from sticking beyond the transfer point. Innovative pulley lagging prevents slippage at the drive pulley, belt guidance systems avoid belt drift. Lateral skirting systems and impact beds also ensure that no conveyed items are spilled during transport. The product portfolio also includes mechanical fasteners that simplify maintenance and repair work on conveyor systems. Using these innovative solutions, users can substantially reduce downtime and increase productivity.


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