Isolation is essential to protect adjoining system components against the spread of combustible dust explosions. Tanks, silos, equipment are usually connected by pipelines through which, if an explosion occurs, fire and the pressure spread very rapidly. In addition, the intensity of the explosion in connected containers is increased by pressure piling and flame jet ignition.

This can be prevented by the REMBE EXKOP isolation system, consisting of a control panel and one or more quench valves. The integrated elastomer seal within the quench valve closes within a few milliseconds. And, the quench valve can be safely put back into operation again at the press of a button. Whether it’s food, pharmaceutical, chemical, wood or metal dust, the EXKOP System keeps dust explosions safely in check.



Video: REMBE® Q-ROHR® : The Original of Flameless Venting

REMBE is a “bulk-online Leader”

REMBE is a "bulk-online Leader"

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