Eriez: Tramp Metal Removal & Vibratory Feeders for Aggregate Plants

Eriez®  Animated Video Showcases Vibratory Feeders, Suspended Magnets and Metal Detectors used in Aggregates Plants.

The video shows a Vibratory Feeder precisely feeding aggregate material which is then conveyed to a powerful Suspended Magnet to remove any dangerous unwanted ferrous metals. As explained in the video, Eriez offers both Mechanical and Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders for heavy duty applications. Suspended Magnets are available in Permanent, Electromagnetic and Self-Cleaning models.

In the final stages for tramp metal removal, the aggregate material passes through Metal Detectors and a Magnetic Head Pulley. Metal Detectors detect ferrous, nonferrous and non-magnetic stainless steel metals and flag them for removal. The Magnetic Head Pulley removes any small iron contaminants.

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