Eriez’ Eddy Current Separators for Aluminum Cans and PET Flake Recovery

Eriez® manufactures a broad assortment of Eddy Current Separators to recover aluminum, copper and other nonferrous metals. The company produced a video that provides viewers an up-close look at the performance of an Xtreme® PET Eddy Current Separator.

Eriez’ Xtreme PET Eddy Current Separator separates nonferrous materials in post-consumer PET bottle recycling, efficiently removing aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. This powerful separator is also extremely effective for plastic flake and regrind recycling.

The four-minute video shows the Eriez Xtreme PET Eddy Current Separator in action as it removes nonferrous materials in PET bottle recycling. The Eriez Xtreme PET Eddy Current Separator provides superior performance with conveyor speeds up to two times faster with higher launch speed and trajectory than traditional units. The Xtreme PET

Eddy Current Separator
Eddy Current Separator








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