Elscint Automation: Feeding of Springs

Elscint Two Outlet Bowl Feeder for Feeding of Springs

Elscint Automation, the leading Vibratory Parts Feeder manufacturer from India has recently manufactured a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of springs in two outlets. The wire diameter being small, these springs had a tendency of getting entangled between themselves.

However, Elscint designed the bowl in such a way that the entangled springs fell back into the bowl and got disentangled while falling down. Only single disentangled springs came out of the bowl feeder. Additionally, two tubular gravity chutes were zrovided so that two separate outlets could be provided at the centre distance required by the customer. At the end of the outlets, two separate Elscint pneumatic escapements (patented) were provided in order to release the springs one at a time. The customer required to feed the same to his disc grinder. Elscint also provided separate sensors for the customer to actuate the escapements to release one spring at a time. The gravity chutes too had separate sensors in order to provide for “auto-switch off” once both the chutes were full. As there were two outlets, proper overflow was provided for each of these. The complete system was mounted on a stand made of aluminium extruded sections and height adjustment of (+/-) 100 mm was given. A speed of 120 springs per minute per row as achieved. The system was made to run on 110 V / 60 Hz supply as it was exported to a customer in the USA.


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