EDEM Simulation of Excavator using coupled simulation with Multibody Dynamics

EDEM is high-performance Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk material flow simulation. In this video EDEM is coupled with Multibody Dynamics (MBD) software Adams from MSC Software. The EDEM-MBD coupling is used in this example to define the motion of the excavator as it digs through different materials. Force and spillage analysis can be performed for different operating conditions. Using the prescribed motion represents an ideal digging scenario and can be used to estimate the power requirements on the actuators.
(published on YouTube on July 8, 2016)

Coupling EDEM with MBD enables engineers to get new insights into material-machine interactions and examine how load exerted by bulk materials is distributed throughout the mechanical system.


About EDEM
 EDEM is the market-leading Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk material simulation. EDEM simulation technology is used for ‘virtual testing’ of equipment that handles or processes bulk materials in the mining, equipment manufacturing and process industries. Companies worldwide use EDEM to optimize equipment design, increase productivity, reduce costs of operations, shorten product development cycles and drive product innovation.


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