EDEM Simulation of Combine Harvester: Screw Auger Systems & Grain Sieving


EDEM is high-performance Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk material flow simulation. EDEM capabilities allow for simulation of various processes inside a combine harvester. Those, for example, include grain handling with the screw auger systems or grain sieving. Bonded contacts and EDEM Application Programming Interface also enable modeling of flexible straws to analyze their behavior in straw walkers, cutting heads and other fragments of a combine.
(published on YouTube on July 12, 2016)

About EDEM
 EDEM is the market-leading Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk material simulation. EDEM simulation technology is used for ‘virtual testing’ of equipment that handles or processes bulk materials in the mining, equipment manufacturing and process industries. Companies worldwide use EDEM to optimize equipment design, increase productivity, reduce costs of operations, shorten product development cycles and drive product innovation.

Founded in 2003, EDEM is a global company headquartered in Edinburgh, UK with offices in USA and Japan and supported by a network of channel partners in Asia-Pacific, South America and South Africa. The executive team is Richard LaRoche – Chief Executive, Ian Williamson – Chief Revenue Officer and Gordon Grant – Chief Financial Officer.


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