DSH Dust Suppression Hoppers – Load Bulk without Dust

DSH Systems  provide an award winning dust control system for bulk loading dry goods. DSH Systems` Dust Suppression Hoppers are being adopted throughout the world.

What makes the DSH System unique is that it requires no electricity, it has no internal moving parts and is a cost effective solution to your dust issues while bulk loading.

The DSH System is installed under a feed point where it can be suspended above the target and kept at operating level.

A small degree of natural agitation as the hopper is filled eliminates air from the material being transferred. At the point of loading, or transferral, the DSH System concentrates the discharge of dry goods as a tight solid column through free air into any target repository, including trucks, rail cars, barges, ships, containers, bags and storage heaps.

Advantages include healthier, safer working environments, dust containment, mitigation of dust explosion risk, reduced product & nutrient loss, reduced product degradation, lower capital and maintenance costs, faster, cleaner loading, increased storage capacity and reduced neighbourhood complaints.

Presently installed on fertilizers, grains, stock foods, sugar, limes, salt, minerals, sands etc. Available in various sizes and finishes, we configure the hoppers to suit your requirements.



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