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Mt. Olyphant RopeCon® – Hurricane-proof and sustainable.

Customer requirements:

On Jamaica, the world’s leading aluminium producer Alcoa was looking into several ways to transport their raw material, bauxite. A distance of 3.4 km and a vertical descent of 470 m had to be covered from the mine at Mt. Olyphant to the railhead at St. Jago. Existing roads for transport by truck lead through inhabited areas, and a by-pass road would have been too costly both in terms of construction and maintenance.

Our solution:

The Mt. Olyphant RopeCon® transports 1,200 tons of sticky bauxite per hour and needs just one section to cover the entire distance. The material is discharged onto a debris cone, and no line structures obstruct the wheeled loaders which take up the material from there. With RopeCon®, our customer got a truly sustainable solution: space requirements were minimised, 1,200 truck journeys a day along with the associated emissions of CO2 and fine dust were saved, and the system generates approximately 1,300 kW of braking energy per hour which is fed back into the power grid.

Not even hurricane Dean, a category 4 storm which ravaged the island with winds of up to 249 km/h, caused any harm to the installation: the system was back in operation as soon as the necessary safety checks had been carried out.

Transported Material: Bauxite
Horizontal length 3.377 m
Vertical rise -470 m
Conveying capacity 1.200 t/h
Motor rating, continuous -1320 kW


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