DEC Group – Drum Containment Systems

During production it is invaluable to be able to charge a wide range of receivers or packaging. Each application has different handling requirements. Flexible integration is critical, with safety, productivity, containment and cleaning also being key issues.

The DCS Drum Containment System by the Dec Group has been developed to provide a safe and contained method of filling drums, big bags and continuous liners. It also has the capability of emptying process equipment and filling packaging in one step. Precise Big Bag filling is also provided by the DCS system in combination with a PTS Feeder.
(Published on YouTube on January 3, 2017)

The DCS Liquid handles liquids which require strict odor control, toxic or corrosive liquids.

The PTS Feeder provides a single step solution for filling, emptying and dosing bags, drums and big bags.

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