ContiTech: Sicon® – the Closed Belt Conveying System

Sicon® Conveying system from Continental Contitech.

SICON® belt conveyor systems – Clean, safe and curve negotiable up to 180°.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of conveyor belts and are part of the ContiTech group of companies within Continental AG.

As a supplier of complete solutions with locations in close proximity to our customers around the world, we are able to deliver comprehensive servicing for your conveyor belts and systems.

ContiTech’s high-end conveyor belt technology and service mean that belt conveyors run reliably, cost-effectively and environmentally soundly. As a leading development partner offering
innovative conveyor belt technology, we are the first choice, supporting our customers in mining, mechanical and plant engineering, and many other industries.

(Published on YouTube on March 16, 2016)

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